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What We Do

Total Aquaculture Health requires a genuinely holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease in aquaculture.

We combine extensive clinical experience with evidence-based medicine to provide strategic health management advice to aquaculture producers – from production to boardroom level.

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To discuss your requirements please call us on +55 (84) 2030 2232 - (84) 999 694 131 or email fvgbrasil@fishvetgroup.com

Production System Consultancy

We work with in-house health teams to provide investigatory or strategic consultancy for shrimp and fish production. We provide advice on health, welfare, performance and quality issues in hatcheries and grow-out, in open systems, closed recirculation systems and biofloc systems.

Laboratory Analyses

Our team provides expert diagnoses and monitoring of aquatic pathogens. All our results are reported quickly without compromising on quality.

  • PCR analyses, qualitative and quantitative (qPCR – real time PCR)
  • Histology
  • Bacteriology, including isolation and identification, bacteria counting, antibiogram and minimal inhibition concentration (MIC) determination
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"Our rapidly available and reliable results allow you to respond quickly to disease challenges and make educated management changes."

Clinical services and diagnostics

Our team are available to complete routine or investigatory site visits, providing experienced health and welfare advice and interpretation of diagnostic results based on detailed knowledge of your farm or hatchery.

Veterinary Health Plan

We work with producers to focus on preventative health management rather than remedial actions. We develop individual site-specific plans covering biosecurity, surveillance, management procedures, and reporting structures.

Biosecurity programs

Our biosecurity advisory service evaluates your sites risks and options while providing customised plans to prevent, control and eradicate pathogens in specific areas.

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"Good biosecurity is the safest and least costly method for keeping a healthy production system."

Training courses

Employee development helps staff perform their duties effectively and drives the industry forward. We develop training courses for any level of experience that align with your business goals.

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